2013 Princeton – Chambers

Advent Devotional



As the calendar page turns to December, Christmas music begins to play in the stores and on the radio.  Songs like “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”  fill the air.  If we think about traveling at this time of year, it’s often of the journey home.  But although the biblical Christmas stories have plenty to say about people who travel, most of their journeys lead them to a far and unfamiliar place, not home for the holidays.  Newly pregnant Mary travels to visit her cousin Elizabeth.  Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, Joseph’s ancestral home, but far from Nazareth where they live.  The shepherds leave their flocks in the field and make the trip to town to see the one about whom the angels sang.  The magi follow a star that leads them far beyond their homeland to seek the promised king.  Joseph and Mary flee Bethlehem and go as refugees to Egypt, seeking safety for their newborn son.

The greatest of all the journeys at this time of year is the journey God takes from heaven to earth, the great and mighty God limiting himself to the tiny, vulnerable form of a human baby so God can dwell among us.

All these Advent and Christmas journeys suggest that maybe the spiritual Advent journey is not what we think it is.  Maybe it’s not a journey to a warm, familiar place that we visit each year.  Maybe it’s a journey of seeking for Jesus, Emmanuel, God-with-us, wherever we may find him.  That journey may turn us inward, seeking for God’s light within.  Or it may turn us toward others, seeking Jesus among the lost and the lonely.  It’s easy to lose track of this journey in the midst of the bustle and busy-ness of the commercial Christmas season.  But it is a critical part of our life as Christians at this time of year.

This Advent devotional was written mostly by members of the Princeton and Chambers congregations.  We hope it serves you as a guidebook through the season ahead.

May you be blessed on your Advent journey!